KA1 September-2015 course

Building research-based MOODLE materials in Maths, Science and CLIL

Benidorm (Spain), from 31.08 to 4.09 (2015)

(Previously it was a Comenius in-service training course ref: ES-2013-373-001 )



Learning outcomes
* To familiarize participants with examples of good practice in MST teaching demonstrated by work developed under the MUST project.
* To facilitate participants to learn how to work in a Moodle platform at different levels.
* To experience how an on-line MST course may develop in a classroom environment using some exemplary materials.
* To develop skills to manage blended courses in different ICT-based learning contexts (1:1; BYOD; flipped classroom;…).
* To encourage participants to develop teaching materials using e-Learning tools.
* To increase teacher collaboration within the European dimension of MST education.

The course will be divided in three type of sessions:
A. PLENARY: background talks by experts on different issues followed by a discussion.
B. WORKSHOP: computer room sessions about exploring Moodle MST materials.
C. WORKING GROUP: hands on sessions where participants, working in small groups and assisted by a tutor, create learning modules.

The course programme

1. Course preparation (online, starting on 1st of July): Participants will be sent details of  a personal account to access to the preparation course. It is a Moodle course where participants could share info about themselves and their KA1 project. It is intended also to  use this environment to update Moodle skills and to have an overview of the materials created by MUST partnership.
2. Course set up (face to face)
Monday, 30th August
9:30 – 13:00
· Welcome session: Introduction of trainers and participants.
· Plenary session: MUST project aims and results
· Workshop: Exploring Astronomy-Moodle materials
· Workshop: Using Moodle (course set up and MST learning resources)
16:00 – 18:00 Working groups: teams (of 2-4 participants) begin the design of the course-project.
Social Activity: Visit to Benidorm city

Tuesday, 1st September
9:00 am – 13:00
· Plenary session: Science Education in Europe (presentation of participants experiences)
· Workshop: Exploring Science-Moodle materials
· Workshop: Using Moodle (quiz: MST specific question types)
16:00 – 18:00 Working groups: teams continue building the course-project.

Wednesday, 2nd September
9:00 am – 13:00
· Plenary session: Maths Education in Europe (presentation of participants experiences).
· Workshop: Exploring Maths-Moodle materials materials
· Workshop: Using Moodle (forums for specific MST teaching)
16:00 – 18:00 Working groups: teams continue building the course-project.
Social Activity: Visit to Altea (typical Mediterranean village).  Tapas dinner.

Thursday, 3rd September
9:00 am – 13:00
· Background session: MST teaching and CLIL (presentation of participants experiences)
· Workshop: Exploring Environment-Moodle materials
· Workshop: Using Moodle (Tracking student activity with the gradebook)
16:00 – 18:00 Working groups: teams continue building the course-project.

Friday, 4th September
9:00 am – 14:00
· Working groups: teams finalising the course-project
· General discussion on the course-projects created
· Evaluation, final notes and conclusions.

Social Activity: Farewell  dinner.

3. Course follow up (on line, ending on June 2016): Participants will continue developing their course-project.  Using a work-based training approach  under  the mentorship of MUST partners, participants will be encouraged to pilot the materials created in their own schools using their own VLE or the MUST platform. The results of these experiences will be shared through the Moodle forums.

Orientative prices for accommodation: check accommodation prices at Hotel Torre Dorada *** in Benidorm (300m from the beach and 15 min walking from the venue). We recommend you to  book as early as soon as possible, as prices are lower. Anyway, this is just an average price,  we will assist you in finding accommodation according your wishes.

Application procedure: When we receive your application, we will confirm your place with a “Letter of acceptance”.

For further info please contact Bernat Martínez (cabernat@gmail.com) or Luis Gonzalez (luislgc@yahoo.es) tno: +34 965858257


Google Map shows the situation of the course venue (IES Mediterrània)

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