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ONLINE COURSE-SEMINAR: Creating Moodle questions for school STEM subjects

MUST team is organising a new online course dealing with the development of Moodle questions for STEM subjects. Course runs from 2nd to 31st May, enrolment here

Moodle Formulas question type

In our opinion, formulas question type offers to Maths and Science primary/secondary teachers everything they need to produce a high variety of Moodle quizzes. This question type was written by Hon Wai Lau. Later was upgraded to the new question engine introduced in Moodle 2.1 by Jean-Michel Védrine. At the time of this writing this version is compatible with Moodle 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8.

This question shows its full potential when used it in connection with JSXGraph. This connection  was developed by Peter Haverlson

If you fancy you could try it by yourself. Click this link*x+1 and change the value of the parameters in the line equation. What you change manually it is changed randomly by the formulas question engine creating a different question for every student. Wonderful, doesn’t it?


In developing MUST materials we rely on JSXGraph . It is a cross-browser library  from Bayreuth University which is implemented completely in JavaScript. JSXGraph supports multi-touch devices running iOS, Android, firefoxOS, Windows 8 (at least).
One of the main aims of MUST project is to use it to create hands-on animations with a “didactical” view. In this Physics example the student has to draw the line representing the velocity of a defined motion (for example, v=-3 m/s) then checks it.