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MUST project presented at the SIRIKT conference in Kranjska gora, Slovenia

Must project was presented on May 29,  2015  in  a workshop at  the international SIRIKT conference  in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. Breda Poličar, who is developing math course materials, familiarized the participants with the project goals and the material, which has already been prepared.  The workshop was visited by math and informatics teachers, who are  working on Moodle and wanted to improve their knowledge of Moodle’s new features.

sirikt2015     delavnica

Collaboration with AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow

16th February 2015 held  a meeting with  representatives of E-Learning Center at  AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow: Agnieszka Chrząszcz and prof. Jan Kusiak. Forming Polish MUST team  Bogusława Gniecka and Marian Talar took part in the appointment. The aim of the meeting was to set up a cooperation between our school and e-Learning Center to help in organization of our local Must  on-line seminars in October 2015. The e-Learning Center is the leading educational institution in the field of on-line education  in Malopolska region. It will help us in dissemination of the results of our project – the final product – among the educational institutions in Poland.

The webpage of the e-Learning Center at AGH in Cracow

e-Learning Center at AGH

The meeting in Cracow


Project MUST in Polish media

Starting from the December 2014 project MUST has been present on the big educational portal CEO. It is a huge database of different educational resources mainly in Polish language, but it contains English language resources too. The portal resources include various disciplines, with STEM resources  among them. CEO is lead by Center for Civic Education Foundation in Warsaw.
We are here in a few of sections:

  1. physics and chemistry,
  2. teaching tools,
  3. maths (in English)
  4. nets and workshops,
  5. English language portals

Center for Civic Education


KA1 workshop in Benidorm on ERASMUS+ forum

In January 2015 we announced on the ERASMUS+ Forum  run by National Agency of Erasmus+ in Poland (former Comenius Forum) the MUST workshop in Benidorm in 2015.
So far  81 people have read this announcement and there were some  enquires concerning the workshop.


Comenius Forum


Project MUST in our local community Niedźwiedź, Poland

To present our project to our local community we sent an article to our local magazine “ZGODA” issued in the last quarter of 2014. We have  also placed the information about the project on our school webpage. This way all the schools in our region are familiar with MUST project.

Electronic issue of “ZGODA”


Zgoda magazine


Our school news webpage


School webpage


Added by Marian Talar


Meeting of KA2 coordinators

IMG-20141211-WA0003MUST coordinator, Luis Gonzalez, has presented the project in a meeting organised by  the Innovation Directorate of the Education Department of Generalitat Valenciana on the 11th December. The main aim of this meeting has been to put in contact  all Erasmus + KA2 projects coordinated by institutions of the Valencia Community. This activity has lead to build a network of innovative institutions  and create synergies between coordinators.

MUST at the Meeting of European Information Multipliers

4Anamaria Golumbeanu presented MUST project at the Meeting of European Information Multipliers, which took place on December 10, 2014 at Dolj County School Inspectorate Department of Educational Projects


Kick Off Meeting in Benidorm


(picture courtesy of INFORMACION newspaper)

A group of 17 European teachers and educators have gathered in Benidorm at the MUST project KICK OFF meeting. They came from schools of Slovenia, Romania and Poland coordinated by IES Mediterrània. The main aim of the meeting is to agree on project development and quality assurance plan for the ICT-based material which is going to be built using the Moodle platform.

MUST project

Over the last decade, the education sector has invested heavily in digital technology, but there is not evidence that such investment has yet resulted in radical improvements to educational attainment. International surveys  describe the seriousness of a gap in the implementation of ICT-enabled innovation for learning and its negative implication on learning outcomes. Taking this into account, the European initiative on “Opening up education” shows that the development of approaches to ICT-supported learning and the access to quality OER (Open Educational Resources) is of high priority.

2In this context,  MUST vision is that  committed teachers, with convenient support,  are able to build research based elearning materials for innovative practices. These materials  will have the format of Open Moodle Courses developed in order to be used in mobile devices and will be translated to the partnership languages. Later, they will be used to promote teacher professional development by training teachers in their management.  In order to achieve this objective  a consortium composed of four secondary schools from four countries (Spain, Slovenia, Poland and Romania), one edutech company and a Regional Education Department has been set up.